NEW YORK: Ruth and Debbie Madoff (Bernie's girls): another look at 14 blog posts about these 2 power wives

Here is  a recap of the posts we have done on Debbie and Ruth Madoff and their marriage/divorce to Andrew and Bernie Madoff.
Ruth’s posts
1. Ruth and Bernie are caught red handed shipping millions of dollars worth of baubles (“marital assets”) to family and friends. In divorce parlance they were “dissipating marital assets.” Read about it here:
2. Ruth Madoff and Ruth Merckle (wife of German billionaire Adolf Merckle) share more than just a name in common. But they are as different as night and day. Read about it here:
3.  The Feds confiscate both Ruth and Bernie’s passports. Will she turn on Bernie and the marriage to save herself? Read about it here:
4. How strong is the commitment between Ruth and Bernie? Read about it here:
Deborah Madoff Posts
1. A reticent Debbie Madoff is MIA. Will she tell all about the Madoff clan? And with a divorce pending how is she coping? Read about it here:
2. How will Deb Madoff make out with the divorce settlement as compared to two other affluent wives, Countess Marie Douglas David and Slavica Ecclestone wife of Formula One billionaire, Bernie Ecclestone? Read about it here:
3. Does Deb Madoff have marital stake in her soon to be ex-husband’s company Abel Holdings, LLC? Or did he form it after they were legally separated?
4. What Debbie should ask Andrew before signing a divorce stip.
5. Is Deborah Madoff Jewish? Did she get a religious divorce? If so, here’s what she needs to do to get a legitimate divorce in New York State so that her divorce is legal, and so Andrew can remarry:
6. Deb’s husband and Bernie’s son Andrew Madoff is dating before the final judgment of divorce. The woman’s name is alleged to be Katherine Hooper (Catherine)
7. Debbie and Andy are supposedly separated and have been for over a year. So him dating Catherine is not adultery:
8. If Andrew Madoff is involved in his father’s ponzi scheme, all of his assets will be frozen by the Feds. That mean that like her mother in law Ruth Madoff, Debbie will walk out of her marriage with nothing but the clothes on her back:
9. What can Debbie expect now that she’s actually filed for divorce from Andrew Madoff?
10. Deb Maddoff hits Bernie’s son Andrew with a divorce petition: