The Babushka (mistress) and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin: a fable of "infidelity"

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Is Alina Kabaeva Vladimir Putin’s mistress? Earlier last year, 56 year old Vladimir Putin, Russia’s prime minister and chairman of the ruling party, United Russia, was rumored in the Moskovsky Correspondent newspaper, to be involved in an extra marital relationship with a sexy, young, 24 year old gymnast named Alina Kabaeva. Kabaeva is a gorgeous and “unbelievably agile and flexible” Babushka whom Mr. Putin was alleged to be “planning to marry” just as soon as he divorced his older, more rotund wife of 24 years, Madame Luydmilla Putina.
A June, 2008 wedding was supposed to be in the works. Even the New York Times reported on the alleged dalliance. You can read the article here:
Of course, the marriage and divorce between Mr. Putin and his babushkas never materialized. Luydmilla is still first lady of Russia and can be seen here on a diplomatic visit with First Lady Laura Bush. Since then, the journalist who broke story has been fired.  
Alina, who has always denied the rumors, is still a junior member of the “Duma – Russia’s lower parliament.” She has decidedly not wed the Russian president, and through her publicist, she threatened to sue the newspaper for defamation.
I am certain that there are still people in Russia who believe that the president and the gymnast had a little, how shall we say, rendez-vous. But I don’t think so. Where there is smoke is not always fire. Sometimes, it’s just haze. But even assuming there was some sort of sexual peccadillo, or even a much grander “conflagration in St. Petersburg,” was it really the business of the whole entire world? I don’t think so and had Putin not handled it the way he did, he was bound to become the Sarkozy of Russia. So he was right to shut everybody up the way he did.
According to the New York Times article, Mr. Putin, who was visiting Italy at the time he was accosted by a Russian journalist, is reported to have said “Society has the right to know how public figures live. But even in this case, there is a limit: private life, which no one has the right to trespass.” At the same time he reportedly praised Alina  and other Russian women saying, “In other such publications other successful, beautiful young women and girls have been mentioned. I don’t think it will be a surprise if I say that I like them all, because they are all Russian women.”
Well, so, here I am, the self-appointed raconteur, retelling this thing at my own peril. I am so scared that Putin will hear that I covered the story on my blog (but only about 12 people read my blog so I am sure he won’t hear)! Although, what will he do if he found out? I am certain he will realize I am just a blogger who once wrote: “I think Putin is slightly hot!” Which I do. He is slightly studdly, I think.  I like you Putin. Please don’t send the boys to twist off my head!
Actually, I think Mr. Putin handled this issue beautifully myself. And since last Spring, not one word has been mentioned about this affair in the Russian Press. This story illustrates the importance of allowing public figures to live private lives. And keeping out of the affairs of married people – especially when they happen to be the president of the United Russian State. Cause if Ludymilla didn’t mind if Mr. Putin thought Alina was hot, (and she is, look at the woman) why should anybody else? (BTW: when we say Babushka, we simply mean woman, okay?)