The January Divorce: Why is January the busiest month for divorce?

Why is January the busiest month for divorce lawyers?
Why is it that more people file for divorce in January than any other month? “I don’t know for sure,” admits attorney M. Lewis. “Sometimes, I wonder if it’s the Christmas presents that trigger them. In other words, did they not like their presents? Other times I think it’s just because it’s a new year, new beginning thing.  It’s like getting to the point where you say, you know what? This is enough. I want quality of life now and it’s my new year’s resolution to live a better life. That means, first and foremost, I have to get out of this marriage.  But why else would the marriage rate be so high in January? And I believe this is worldwide, not just here in the U.S. and certainly not just here in New York.”
Ms. Lewis points out that both the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post had articles about divorce in January. Says the post, “Lawyer Sue Moss said, ‘It’s like tax season for us.’ ‘It seems everyone’s New Year’s resolution is lose weight and lose the husband, and not in that order,’ she said.” By all accounts the “crescendo” starts its descent “around Valentine” when “everybody is in love again.”
Famed Divorce attorney Rauol Felder was quoted as saying that Wall Street is more lucrative than Santa, and, so, that is why people wait till January to file for divorce. “Except, this year, that theory doesn’t exactly make a lot of sense to me,” says Ms. Lewis. ” What Wall Street? Not the one in Downtown Manhattan? Because nobody’s made any money over there in 2008. So if that was the reason to wait till January, for a lot of folks, it will amount to a lot of wasted time.”
“Here’s the real reason I think people file for divorce in January” continues Ms. Lewis: “it’s exhaustion. They just got through a hard year of marriage by the end of December. When they look forward in January, the year ahead seems even longer and they just can’t imagine how they will get through yet another year of this situation. The very thought makes them tired. And in resignation, they go to their divorce lawyers and start the paperwork to end the marriage. I think it has very little to do with presents and bonuses as a lot of other lawyers seem to think. It’s the just the timing of the month of January. It makes a bad marriage seem hopelessly long – January does. All they see ahead is a stretch of unhappiness for another loooooooooong year. So they file.”
Sounds plausible to us.
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Originally published January 7, 2009