Is Barack Obama getting a divorce?

No, but the honeymoon is definitely over. No, I”m not talking about Michelle. I think the Obamas are pretty solid in that regard and if he were to ever divorce his wife, I think I would lose all respect for him – especially if he picks up with another “fancier” woman before the ink is dried on the judgment. I hate when powerful men do that, when they dump their wives for greener pastures, while all the time they acted like they were so in love with her. I hope that the Obamas have a genuine marriage and that they stay married till they grow old. I mean, look at Bill and Hillary. No matter what, they weather the storm of their marriage, and you know what? I, New York Divorce attorney me, admire that.
But I was just reading on Reuters that Wall Street analysts are not all that impressed with Obama’s stimulus package. A divorce is imminent if he doesn’t get his act together fast!
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