VEGAS: Steve Wynn and Elaine Wynn divorced and re-married: Why theirs is a marriage made in Vegas Heaven

Is Steve Wynn richer than Donald Trump? I don’t know but I do know that they are both billionaires and I do know that Wynn has an art collection that rivals most museums, including the Getty, and I do know that Steve has only had one wife, the illustrious, incomparable and indomitable, Elaine Wynn – whereas Mr. Trump has had a few more than one each more gorgeous than the next.
But this post is not to speculate on the relationship between these two casino titans. This post is really about the Wynns. What fascinates me most about the Wynns is the fact that Steve and Elaine were married twice. To each other. So that means they divorced each other before. Apparently, he was into sowing his wild oats while married and Elaine wasn’t into that. So she asked for a divorce, he gave her one, but he never moved out. And she probably taunted him, shagged him senseless, and basically made him feel like he was missing out on “all a dat” and so, he crawled back and they remarried and had two beautiful kids (one of whom was kidnapped in the 1990’s and he had to pay a ransom in excess of $1 million, but that’s another post) But, so, that to me is love. True, karmic, everlasting love that the Wynns seem to have, no?
But I have to confess that what fascinates me most about the Wynns, is the fact that, though they were life-long Republicans, they voted for Obama this year. I read here ( that Elaine got Steve to vote for Obama and she said, “any man who could get that woman [Michelle Obama] to marry him must be a helluva guy. And he’s good enough to be president.” You know the Obamas are going to be spending a lot of time with the Wynns. The Wyns like to dine and live large. They have had presidents, moguls, entertainers and maybe even gangsters as personal friends over the years. And you should hear about their art collection. My god, Elaine’s got personal ownership (vicariously through her husband) of genuine picassos, Cezannes, Manet’s, Matisses, Van Goghs, and Vermeers.  Did I mention they are worth about $3.5 billion? Actually, that may be richer than Trump! Oh, but wait. I shouldn’t say that. Trump is not likely to be amused if this is not true. And I wouldn’t want to offend…
But, yet, so, whatever the Wynns’ net worth, they seem very grounded and down to earth. And they are involved in a lot of charitable foundations. Like Michelle Obama’s mom, Elaine Wynn is also a very doting grandma. I think I like the sound of her. Any woman who can win her man back after he leaves for greener pastures gets extra kudos in my book.
Go Elaine!
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