The Globetrotter's Guide to divorce

The only advice we have on this subject is, don’t get divorced in London if you can help it. I was just reading a few articles on the subject, and it seems that London is one of the worse places for a globetrotter to get divorced. The main reason for that is that London has a community property scheme that is even more inclusive than, say, California. That is to say that even property that you brought into the marriage (“separate property” as we say in New York) is counted in the marital basket.
In New York, by contrast, we are an equitable distribution state. That means that, in part, only what is acquired DURING THE MARRIAGE is marital property and only marital property gets counted in the basket.
I also read that the laws in Germany are more “fair” than, say, London or even New York. Sweden does not seem that big into spousal support so if you are the monied spouse, you want a divorce in Sweden if you can get it, as opposed to London or New York.
Canada is supposedly leaning more towards “collaborative divorces.” More and more couples are opting out of acrimonious divorce trials and litigation and seeking to work out their problems in a grown up way that does not “wreck the kids.”
Divorce in Japan is good for moms who are seeking custody. It seems there is a tendency for the courts to give the mother custody of the child in Japan unless there is some over-riding reason why custody should go to the father. But you can only get a divorce in Japan if one of the parties to the action is a Japanese national.
Divorce in South Africa (for Muslim Women) is interesting, because while the South African judicial system does not appear to recognize Islamic Marriages, what I found interesting was that a husband could not get back gifts her gave to his wife during a marriage in the South African State. That is in contrast to New York whereby upon divorce, marital gifts become marital assets, subject to distribution to both spouses.