How to get a divorce without wrecking the kids

If it is true that the beautiful Tinsley Mortimer and her handsome hubby Topper are getting divorced (as disclosed on the New York Post Page Six), at least she doesn’t have to worry about the kids – because I’ve heard they didn’t have any. Presumably there were too many charity balls and philanthropic galas to fit that in. Plus, Tinsley is still young, only about 31. She has a lot of time to fit in motherhood…
But other folks with kids who are getting divorced need to think seriously about this issue of protecting their children from the stress and angst of a messy, blood bath and acrimonious custody battle. No, I’m very serious. You can’t leave this issue to the courts who will appoint a law guardian to tell the court what to do with your kids. Don’t go there. Just last month in Glastonbury, Connecticut, they came out with an article about law guardians in these protracted divorce battles. Let’s put it this way: Not all law guardians are working in the best interest of your child(ren).
I think parents are the best people to decide what happens to their own children. Please, this is really important. It frightens me sometimes what I see happen in court.  I mean, why fight over the kids? Agree to share your children! They belong to both of you, and they will thank you later on when they grow up to be well adjusted adults.
Did you know that some divorcing parents are agreeing to live within blocks of each other, just for the kids sakes? I’ve got even better. One parent I know lives in the basement of the former marital residence just so the kids won’t feel torn between mommy and daddy.
It’s the one area of divorce that I think should be sacrosanct. The kids. Keep them out of it. Keep their lives as stable and as status quo as possible.
What do you say?
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