Business man Marcus Schrenker fakes a plane crash after his wife serves him with divorce papers

Coming out of the New York Post, business man Marcus Schrenker,  a financial management specialist in Indiana (he owned three companies, Heritage Wealth Management Inc., Heritage Insurance Services Inc. and Icon Wealth Management) tried to fake his own death by crashing his plane near the Florida panhandles.
The man was having business trouble, and his wife Michelle Schrenker had just filed for divorce from him. He was last seen in Alabama by the police who he told he’d had a canoe accident. He’s now on the lam. 
I wonder if he had life insurance and a will and stuff like that? And I wonder if the divorce filing by his wife was genuine, or if she was a part of the plot? I mean, it wouldn’t exactly shock me to find out that this mastermind was concocted by these two people desperate to solve their mounting business and financial problems. If he had insurance she would have gotten that. And then they would have lived happily ever after in, say, Cabo San Lucas.
I mean, I’m not saying they did that. I’m just saying this is a curious story.