NEW YORK: Is Olivia Palermo gloating over Tinsley Mortimer's divorce?

If you have been following the social set in New York (we have not) you would know of this supposed feud between Tinsley Mortimer and Olivia Palermo. It was all the talk in 2007 when a gossip website called (now defunct) pitted the girls against each other and called Olivia a wannabe and Tinsley, basically the New York “it” girl. It got so bad that Olivia’s father who was then a big wig in Real estate (I think I read on Page Six that he filed for bankruptcy recently, and was found to have engaged in all these financial improprieties, and the court denied his request for a chapter 13 bankruptcy, so that would mean that Olivia is also probably not as affluent as originally thought) threatened to sue and expose whomever was behind the website and the website got pulled down. New York Magazine did a whole write up on the whole thing.
It is not clear if Tinsley and Olivia are open enemies but I think it is safe to say they are not best friends. They probably attend a lot of the same galas and travel in the same social circles, and sit on the same philanthropic committees, but I am not sensing they are all that tight. Well, the way I hear it described in the blogs and chat rooms is, “the rivalry” between Olivia and Tinsley. Girls, what is this rivalry all about? Stop it! Take a page out of Brooke Astor’s page book and stop this rivalry business. That is not what being a socialite is supposed to be all about. It is about philanthropy, friendships, causes, and generosity, and great dresses and galas.  I mean, look at Brooke, the epitome of New York class . She had no rivals. She left a legacy of generosity. Everybody thinks well of Brooke. Be like Brooke.
But, so, now that Tinsley’s marriage to Topper Mortimer has imploded, I read on a few websites that Olivia is not exactly saddened by the news. Tinsley and Topper have reportedly been separated for a while and the actual divorce is soon to be forthcoming. She is said to be devastated and a little bit embarrassed. No word on what the source of the embarrassment is, but I read on a snarky blog that Tinsley found out that Topper was up to some “typical male shenanigans” and she wasn’t having it.
How does a man leave or stray from a wife who looks like this I wonder?  Tinsley and her sister Dabney are said to be great beauties and true American blue bloods (They are originally from Virginia). They were the lead debutantes when they came out a few eons ago. Tinsley has been featured in OK magazine, New York Magazine and a host of others. She worked for Vogue. That is a very big deal for these socialites.  Tinsley has her own handbag line, and is very popular in Japan – probably more so than, say, the other uber socialite, Paris Hilton.
Topper is a hedgie and works for the Guggenheim, I think. So he was a good catch. Tinsley could have done worse, know what I mean? Theirs seemed a marriage made in heaven. Certainly, Ms. Tinsley made the perfect trophy wife if nothing else. I mean, look at the woman!  I swear if women like this are having trouble hanging on to their men I should just throw myself in front of a fast moving Long Island Railroad. Cause, I mean, what chance do I have if these perfect specimens are getting dumped left and right? You know?
But, so, this idea that Olivia is gloating about Tinsley’s divorce, I don’t get it. So what if Tinsley is now a socialite divorcee? Olivia is very pretty in her own right, just like Tinsley. One blog described her as being incapable of “taking a bad picture.”  I would think there is room for the two of them, and Olivia’s star is reportedly about to rise with a new reality show she signed up for. Both women have different looks and backgrounds and different things to offer, for sure. But why envy each other and tear each other down rather than build each other up, and be, like, a social sorority?
Yes, I know. What la la land/garden am I living in? It’s the head cold. I have a really bad head cold today and I think it’s affecting my thinking capabilities. It sort of makes me slightly delusional and out of touch with reality. Totally. Hey, wanna buy the tshirt? Get them exclusively at our Zazzle store.