Who is Michelle Schrenker (wife of pilot Marcus-crash-his-plane-fake-his-death-then-escape-on-a-red-motorcycle-then-get-caught-Schrenker) and why did she file for divorce?

Was Michelle Schrenker just an innocent stay at home trophy wife of millionaire businessman and wealth manager Marcus Schrenker, and mom of three underage kids living in a custom made multi-million dollar home

on the Geist Resevoir in Indianopolis

(who had no idea of her husband’s fraudulent business dealings)
or was she an accomplice to a James Bondish attempt by her husband to escape his creditors, by faking his death in a plane crash, so that they could restart their lives somewhere like, say, south of the border in Cabo San Lucas?
Marcus schenker, 38, is a very handsome devil, btw. He’s really hot, if the pictures I’ve seen are really him. It’s like, he’s ooh la la hot, know what I mean? I guess that is why when the police first apprehended him in Alabama wearing flight goggles and “wet up to the knees,” they didn’t suspect a thing when he told them he had capsized in his canoe. The officers actually gave him a ride to a motel! I know a lot of guys who are not that handsome and “clean cut” looking, who would have been immediate suspects under the same situation. Know what I mean?
And I bet Mr. Schenker is very athletic too (I mean, think about it the man piloted his own plane! Gotta luv him!).
So right away, I am already feeling great sympathy for him. I really am. I know that when he left the plane unmanned that it was a bad thing to do. But the man had just lost his father! He had all these financial problems. He was being charged with this and that and the other. He had all these judgments issued against him. And his wife apparently wanted a divorce. It’s a lot for anybody to handle contemporaneously, know what I mean? I mean, humanly, one human being to another, is this not a lot to handle? His actions scream “desperation.” I mean, when he was apprehended by police in Northern Florida and taken into custody after parachuting from his private plane over Alabama, leaving the plane to crash in a swampy area near the Florida Panhandles, and making a run for it on a red motorcycle, they found he had slit his wrists and was bleeding. So it’s not like I am defending him because I like bad boys. Cause I really don’t anymore. I’m over that. I’m defending him cause it’s clear to me that these actions were clearly not the actions of a person who is playing with a full deck.  He snapped. And he should be shown some mercy.
But, so, speaking of Michelle Schrenker, la wife…. Just days prior to this dramatic attempt to escape his life, Marcus’ wife Michelle Schrenker had filed for divorce from her husband. She claims, through her publicist, that the divorce action was based on his infidelity and had nothing to do with his financial problems and legal quagmires.
However, one of the items confiscated by police, is about $6,000 in cash in the Schrenker home, and recent deposit slips in Ms. Schrenker’s name (I guess from Mr. Schrenker’s business accounts.)
So, the big question I have is, what role did Michelle play in this elaborate scheme? Was she just an innocent bystander? Or was she Bonnie to her husband’s Clyde?