Is Katia Verber (the Paris Hilton of Russia) considering a greencard marriage in America?

Katia Verber is the talk of the international social set. She lives in Moscow where her parents, high end retail merchants Alla Verber and  Verber, shower her in riches befitting a pagan priestess/ goddess. Her cell phone is said to cost $7,000. What kind of phone is that? On top of that, she drives around in a Gold Bentley; she only wears designer duds and handbags. And she goes to clubs where you literally need to know the secret code to get in, according to a recent article in Marie Claire Magazine.
Katia certainly does not need to live in the United States given that her lifestyle in Russia is “better” than most American girls in her social class. Not even Paris Hilton can seriously compete with Ms. Verber financially, as Ms. Verber’s dad is literally a billionaire and Paris’ dad is not.
Yet, there is some talk that Ms. Verber likes New York and would like to marry an American so that she can live her part the year. To me, this is all stupid rumors. Even if Katia wants to get married to an American, I am sure she does not have to resort to getting a “greencard” marriage. I am sure American guys are lined up to be with this gorgeous, filthy rich Russian heiress and the guy would probably move to the Iron Curtain block to be with her rather than force her to come live in the U.S.
Katia is too smart to get herself into the legal quagmire of getting married for a “greencard.”  Greencard marriages are illegal after all, and rescindable if it is proven that it was a greencard marriage only. In fact, a green card marriage can be declared “void” by getting an ANNULMENT. And what is the point of all that trouble if you will just lose the greencard?