In Praise of Husbands like Chesley Sullenberger

sullenberger-largeMoments before the news broke that a U.S. Airways jet had crashed into the Hudson River, I had a premonition which I did not realize was a premonition at the time. I thought to myself, for no apparent reason, that there hadn’t been a plane crash in a long time. Moments later (literally moments!) the news broke. It was a very bizarre and surreal thing to see and to hear. It was very weird.
My first reaction of course was I burst into tears because I thought everyone had perished for sure. But when I saw people starting to walk out of the aircraft, I can’t even tell you how proud I was of the pilot, even though I don’t even know him. I cannot imagine how proud his wife is of her husband.
See, I always knew that men were good for something. No, seriously. There are so many good men in the world. It was especially gratifying to hear that all the men on the plane were more concerned with getting the women and children out of the aircraft first. For me, it reinforced that there are differences between us – men and women – no matter what any of us want to think. It is just nature, which, in itself, is a perfect thing. It also shows that men are wired to protect women, you know. Plus, check out all the rescuers, all these testosterone-driven people of a group I often call “the species.” It was so beautiful, you know? It was so beautiful. They are just wired to be the way they are and that’s it. It was such a great thing for New York too.
But yea, Chesley’s wife said it was weird that her husband is now a hero to the whole country if not the world. If I were her, I would be so proud of my man. You know? I mean, he’s hot. What he did was just hot! Like, omg!
He is definitely a keeper. Wouldn’t you say?