FRANCE: Drama in Paris: Is Salma Hayek's ex Francois Henri Pinault the father of Rachida Dati's daughter Zohra?

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Rachida Dati is a French citizen of North African Descent who just gave birth to a daughter she calls Zohra. Ms. Dati  is  a cabinet minister in Nicolas Sarkozy’s government – a novel situation in France for someone of Ms. Dati’s ethnicity. She is also reportedly a “lover” of Francois Henri Pinault – Salma Hayek’s ex and father of her daughter Valentina.
But according to Page Six, there are a couple of other luminaries who could also be the child’s biological father, including the Prime Minister of Spain, José Maria Aznar, who, according to the Post “denied the rumor as ‘totally and utterly false’; Henri Proglio, boss of Veolia Environment; Dominique Desseigne, chief of the Barriere hotel chain; and Sarkozy himself. ”
I strongly doubt that Nicolas Sarkozy is the father. I mean, come on, he is madly head over heels in love with his wife Carla Bruni Sarkozy, whom he married within months of divorcing his second wife Cecelia a year or two ago. I don’t think Sarkozy has the time, energy or inclination for something this daring, frankly. Besides, since his initial enthusiasm for her, Mr. Sarkozy is said to be cooling towards Ms. Dati as a political protegee.
It has to do with a position Dati took on a case involving a man who sought an annulment from his wife on account of the fact that the wife had represented herself to be a virgin when in fact she was not. Apparently, Ms. Dati herself had an annulment 20 years ago and came out in support of the young woman. “Remembering her own narrow escape from a loveless marriage, she had perhaps, thought that the young woman was fortunate to have escaped from life with a narrow-minded, religious and sexual bigot.”
Mme Dati has received heavy criticism for her position on this matter, particularly because she opposed an appeal of the decision.
“Under Article 180 of the French Civil Code, a marriage partner can demand an annulment if his or her spouse fails to fulfil an ‘essential’ part of their pre-wedding agreement.” That is not totally dissimilar to American law, and New York Domestic Relations law. Under New York Law, this might be a “fraud” issue and would have been a ripe case for an annulment as well. Ms. Dati sensibly concluded that the decision to annul was in the best interest of both parties and that the parties should move on with their lives and that the case should not be appealed. But she was criticized for being insensitive to French secular/Catholic tradition by some, and being “soft on Islam” by others.  See this article from which I deduced most of my conclusions here:
Many felt that the ruling was bad for women and should not stand. Others felt that the woman had committed fraud and that the ruling was a good one. So, the case is up for appeal now and if the appeal is successful, the annulment of the marriage will be annulled and parties will be forced to get a divorce instead.
(BTW, check out this post about annulling an annulment that we did back in December:
But, so, to end up this long winded tale, I have no idea what has happened with this case or how Dati’s political career will be impacted, if at all. However, the real bottom line is that Dati is now a “mommy out of wedlock” like over half the women in France. She spent all of 5 days out of work after the cesarean, then returned to her post as part of Sarkozy’s cabinet. And nobody seems to know who the putative, de facto and/or biological baby daddy is. Not that it’s anybody’s beeswax.  Is it? But is Francois Henri Pinault a “sperminator” as the Post implies? Did he do the deed on Mademoiselle Dati? If so, I wonder how Salma feels about it?