J.Lo and Marc are getting divorced

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Are J.Lo and Marc Anthony getting divorced? Yes? No. Not according to Ms. Lopez herself.  She said on January 17, 2008 “Divorce is not an option” in response to persistent rumors that the nuptials are on the rocks.
This is either a very cute statement from J.Lo, or a jinx statement that she will come to regret. Because, everybody knows, divorce is always an option these days. One does not even have to be a celebrity. The only person in the United States who can really say divorce is not an option and mean it, is Barack Obama. He can’t get divorced while in office. But for everyone else?  It may not be an option but it could happen.
I don’t think it will anytime soon for Jennifer and Marc, however. They are new parents of twins for one thing. For another thing, they have a lot in common and I suspect this marriage is very strong. They come from the same background, share the same ethnicity, do the same kind of work and are roughly the same age. They also speak the same language and know a lot of the same people. This is a dream marriage and it is a good recipe for a successful marriage. But even so, it could always implode. Marc could do something untoward, like have an affair with his ex, the lovely Ms. Universe Ms. Torres-I-don’t-know-her-last-name. And then what?
It may not be an option for Jennifer but it could be a Plan C for Marc. For that reason, I sincerely hope that Jen has an airtight prenup.
Still, I am rooting for her. I hope this one lasts. I mean, it’s her third. Soon she will be giving Liz Taylor a run for her money. This one has to last. On second thought, I think Jennifer is right. Divorce is not an option with this one. It has to last.