Michelle Schrenker, like Ruth Madoff, may not get alimony and spousal support

Everybody knows by now who Michelle Schrenker is. She is the trophy wife of asset/wealth manager Marcus Schrenker, the Indiana pilot who was arrested a few days ago for trying to fake his death by crashing his plane and escaping across states on a motorcycle.
It turns out that Marcus was having serious legal and financial problems. But he was also having marriage problems given that Michelle had served him with divorce papers. (He was alleged to be involved in an extra marital affair).
The trouble with Marcus’ recent arrest is that it completely compromises Michelle’s divorce options. For one thing, she is unlikely to get any equitable distribution since all of the assets have been frozen. It is a very Bernie Madoff-esque situation with the Schrenkers because the feds have frozen/seized all the assets from the money manager’s accounts. 
The couple has three kids as far as I understand, but right now, I don’t know that Michelle, like Ruth Madoff, will be walking out of this marriage with much. She might as well stay put for a while and see how this whole thing goes down.