Michelle Schrenker vs. Ruth Madoff

Two wives, two financial whiz husbands, two fed probes, two sets of frozen assets, two divorces?
Ruth Madoff   vs. Michelle Schrenker here are two wives of two financial whizzes who are now undergoing two separate federal probes and who are both holding two sets of “frozen assets.” Both wives are attractive but I can see how some would describe Ruth as “tepid’, and Michelle as “hot.” I mean, did you see the picture of the schrenkers in front of the airplane and fancy car? Not too shabby. I should say that only one husband was a pilot that would be the young, dashing Mr. Schrenker. But Mr. Bernie Madoff, the former NASDAQ chairman knew how to live large too. He only flew private but he did not own the plane. Well, I think I read he had a share in the plane so it must have been owned by him and a few cronies. Both women produced children with their beloved. Ruth 2? And Michelle 3?
Following the conclusion of these probes, both husbands are likely to do some time in prison, alas. I mean, Bernie has already confessed. So I predict he is finished. Marcus? Well, there is still hope but not much. I am sure that even if they find no financial wrong doing, he is at least on the hook for leaving that plane unmanned. He could have killed people with that cute maneuver. I mean, that thing was a deadly weapon moving at several hundred miles per hour. That is malice aforethought! I mean, was he crazy?!?
Ruth, so far, is standing by her husband, but Michelle has already filed for divorce from hers. She says it has nothing to do with the finanicial mess, it’s adultery. That is what she claims. But who knows? I have a theory that she and Marcus are really well-heeled Bonnie and Clyde. They masterminded this whole plot, I believe and it went horribly wrong. Had Marcus pulled it off, Michelle and he and the kids would have met up in the Caribbean or something, and nobody would have known the wiser for at least 15 years. But he messed up. He didn’t put enough gas is the darn aircraft. So it crashed before it was supposed to over land, as opposed to in the water. And that completely wrecked the whole elaborate scheme. He should have gotten some lessons from Chesley friggin Sullenberger. Trust me, he would have gotten that thing down where it was supposed to – no problem.
Okay. So where is Michelle on this thing? Not good. She is filing for divorce but what is she going to get? Not the plane. It’s been smashed to smithereeens. Not the million dollar house on Geist Resevoir in the wealthy Indianapolis enclave where they lived among other high net worth indiviuals. Not all the fancy clothes and expensive jewelry. Not a share in his mult-million dollar business. Everything has been FROZEN by the feds.
I bet you some of Michelle’s frenemies are gloating right now. You know how friends are always so competitive with each other and there are bound to have been at least one who envied her dream lifestyle with this incredibly handsome (and smart!) man who could fly his own plane. How they must have wished her some misfortune. And did their wish ever come true! Cause there will be no alimony for poor Michelle, no assets of which she partakes. Maybe even no child support if hubby is incarcerated for a significant amount of time. Ouch. At least, Ruth doesn’t have to worry about that since Mark and Andrew Madoff, her sons,  are grown men.
Bomber. Well, at least, Michie still has access to her passport.
You know what? Even though she is unlikely to get equitable distribution, if I were Michelle, I would probably bail. I mean, I am sure the feds are wondering if she and Marcus are 2009’s Bonnie and Clyde and you know what? If I were her, given that I still have my passport and everything…well, maybe that’s not such an intelligent idea.