Madonna and Guy's parenting plan: what you can learn

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I was reading on First Wives World (a great resource, btw) about Madonna and Guy’s latest post divorce news and gossip. And it seems that these two have a nice parenting arrangement going on. This is very impressive. I like when parents work together to mind their kids. THERE IS NO NEED TO FIGHT OVER THE KIDS.
But First Wives World did this whole piece about how many moms find themselves in a tough situation post divorce. Because, everybody knows that most dads are over-indulgent with kids. They just don’t have a clue. I remember when I was a kid my dad was so cute because he didn’t have a clue. So he would serve us our meals in grown up plates and he would give us these enormous portions and it was just hilarious because, in retrospect, how did he expect a little seven or eight year old kid to eat on the same level as, say, a twenty one year old boy. But these were the portions he would serve us, on this enormous plates, when mom was away for whatever the reason. And I was always seven going on forty and I would say,”dad, these plates are not for children. We need children’s plates!” 
But, so, Madonna is well aware that Guy is clueless when it comes to certain matters having to do with the care of the boys while in his custody. (Their parenting plan calls for the boys to have a bi coastal life between New York and London where they spend time with both mom and dad.)  So, according to First Wives World, she implemented a set of “rigid rules” and served them up on her ex husband:
Says the First Wives World article: “Just recently, the self-described control freak reportedly gave a list of rigid rulesdocumenting what Ritchie could and couldn’t do when he had his sons. The list reportedly included a ban on TV, no Miley Cyrus for the boys, no non-organic food such as microwaved pizza and soda, nor any clothes that were not 100 percent cotton and sent by her. She even wanted her total blessings on what water they drank — Kaballah preferred — and no toys that are “spiritually or ethically unsound.”  
It was a great article about co-parenting, and I think the author correctly concluded that Madonna has about as much likelihood of forcing Guy to follow these rules as “Bush has a say in who will be the next National Security Advisor.”
Even though the Ritchie’s divorce took place in the UK, the rules would be similar here in New York. Unless a spouse can show that the other spouse is “harming the children” physically or emotionally with their parenting approach, they would not be able to dictate how the other parent parents the child(ren) when the children are in the other parent’s custody. And I think this is a good rule.
I mean, if parents agree amongst themselves to follow certain rules, and it is a part of the stipulation of settlement, that is one thing. But if she didn’t get him to sign off on it and have that signature be a legal document which was read into the Court’s record, there is very little chance that any rule that Madonna places on Guy as far as the children are concerned, will be enforceable.
And, I mean, no Miley Cyrus? This is slightly outrageous, Madonna.
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