FRANCE: "Rachida Dati's Baby" She did not consort with that man: French President Nicolas Sarkozy

Five days after giving birth by cesarean section to petite baby Zohra Dati, French justice minister and Nicolas Sarkozy prôtégée Rachida Dati is back to work. But not without a whole lot of speculation and controversy about the paternity of her child.
Some people and institutions, even Page Six if I remember correctly, are insinuating that Ms. Dati has been a serial dater of some sort and so, several very wealthy and powerful men have been named as possible baby daddies including the former prime minister of Spain, and Salma Hayek’s ex lover Francois Henri Pinault. But we are not buying any of it. However, one of names being hurled around France, as being a possible father to la petite Zohra, is President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy!
But how could that be possible? Clearly this is insane. Monsieur Sarkozy is married and very much in love with his new third wife, Carla Bruni Sarkozy. The newly wed couple is practically still on their honeymoon and even the blind can see the electrifying chemistry between them. There is no way he could have stepped out on his wife to commit this misdeed.
I should also point out that the has stated in this article  that the former Madame Sarkozy Cécilia Ciganer-Albéniz, second wife of President Sarkozy, has allegedly accused her husband in a forthcoming book of being a “stingy philanderer.”
Is it possible that the former Madame is telling the truth? And if so, could there be any credence to these outlandish and preposterous rumors that he and Ms. Dati had a rendez-vous nine months ago?
Now, apparently, the current Mrs. Sarkozy, a former model and pop star, Carla Bruni Sarkozy, married the president just a few short months after he divorced his second wife Cecelia, is not a fan of Ms. Dati. You see, Mademoiselle Dati was a close friend of Cecelia (wife number 2) but there is no love lost between her and Ms. Bruni-Sarkozy who, by all accounts, disdains the North African minister and believes that the North African had romantic inclinations towards her husband. 
In fact, Ms. Bruni Sarkozy is said to have taunted Mme. Dati last summer with a catty remark about Ms. Dati’s failure to seduce Mr. Sarkozy, whom, it appears to be an open secret, Mme Dati was dating before the president was bewitched by Madame Bruni, whom he met at a cozy dinner party in Paris.
Are you following all this? And who cares, right? What does it all matter?
Well, it wouldn’t really matter except that there is a lot of speculation that Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France, has sired la Petite Zohra, the illegitimate daugher of his Muslim/Albanian Justice Minister, Rachida Dati.  If true, could that mean Monsieur Sarkozy has committed adultery against his beautiful wife,  the third Madame Sarkozy, Carla Bruni. Can this even be possible? She would be heart broken to be sure and the marriage would be caput.
Is this something for which he could be impeached, if proven true? Or will it simply result in his third divorce and possible fourth marriage? And who will have custody of the beautiful little princess Zohra? Inquiring minds want to know.
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