Marcus Schrenker's mistress – Kelly Baker

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So, Michelle Schrenker is innocent after all. Shame on me for implying, or even questioning that she was Bonnie to Marcus’ Clyde. No. It was not Michelle and her divorce filing was genuine. It was the filing of a wife who was cheated on. News coming out of the New York Post Page Six is that Marcus Schrenker, the asset manager who ditched his plane mid-flight to Florida to fake his death, was truly having an affair. They caught him on video at the airstrip on New Year’s Eve with his mistress, a 31 year old named Kelly Baker.
That same night when he flew her to Florida for their New Year’s Eve celebration, he left poor Michelle alone at home to face the Feds who had come to search the home he shared with her and their three children. Ouch. I mean, I think the guy is gorgeous, but his behavior is not that pretty. Oooh.
It was the very next day after the Feds raided her house that his wife Michelle filed for divorce from him. So she is definitely in the clear. If anybody was Bonnie to Marcus’ Clyde it was not Michelle and was more likely Kelly Baker. I wonder is Kelly is an upgrade from Michelle who is quite a babe if the pictures are telling the truth?
I mean, honestly, with a wife that looks like that, what else does a man need?
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