Obama's mother in law moves in to the White House: is this good for the marriage?

We are always wary of the “mother in law”. A few of my friends/acquaintances have had mother in law marriage problems in the past, and as a result, I have always said that if I ever got crazy and tied the knot, it will only be to a man who is an orphan. Which is why I wrote the post,http://www.divorcesaloon.com/le-divorce-did-your-mother-in-law-destroy-your-marriage a few weeks back. Because I am really distrustful of getting mother in laws too closely involved in the marital relationship. And living with one? Whaaat??? You muss be mad!
Not that I think Marian Robinson, president elect Obama’s mother in law is like that. She seems a very gentile lady, and looks exactly like how her daughter Michelle will look at her age. I am sure that Michelle just wants to be close to her mom as she transitions to this huge, new, unchartered role. Nothing wrong with that. Plus, the place is so big, it’s not as if she will be able to hear all their arguments and put in her ten cents worth.
Plus, it is usually a better situation, like the Obamas’ situation, when it is the wife’s mother who moves in and not the husband’s.  I don’t exactly know why that is, but if Obama’s mother were alive and she were the one to be moving in to the White House, as opposed to Marian Robinson, Michelle’s mother? It would be a whole different dynamic, a whole different can of pickled worms.
From the looks of it, I don’t see a big issue with Marian moving in to 1600 Pennsylvania. It’s kinda cute as a matter of fact. Plus, she seems very proud of her son in law. So I think it will all work out.
My big question is, though, can presidents and their wives ever, you know, fool around in the White House? It seems with all the Secret Service, Butlers, servants and god knows who else (Vladimir Putin and a Babushka???), that that would be an incredibly stifling and inhibiting environment? I mean, they would have to be incredibly quiet. You know what I mean? Now, with the mother in law in tow….man, I don’t know. But I guess there’s always Airforce One.  Can they get any privacy there?

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