Michelle Obama v. Carla Bruni Sarkozy: whose marriage is divorce proof?

There are bound to be a ton of comparisons in the works between American First Lady Michelle Obama and French First Lady Carla Bruni Sarkozy, both born under the Zodiac sign Capricorn. As far as style, it appears that Bruni- Sarkozy, a pop singer and former Model, is slightly edging Ivy League educated Lawyer Obama. Although, they both looked mighty cute in February’s Harper’s Bazaar pp. 106-109.  
But which one of these dames have the strongest most divorce-proof marriage? Let’s do an analysis.
Bruni Sarkozy
Carla Bruni Sarkozy married Nicolas Sarkozy in February, 2008. That means the Sarkozys are newly weds still on their honeymoon with under 1 year of nuptial bliss under their belts so far. Impact on strength of marriage? Well, because they haven’t yet been tested, haven’t yet had the “for better and for worse” things happen to them. I think the youth of this marriage is a negative impact on its divorce-proofness.  I would have to give this fact a [-3] on a scale of  1-10 (10 being a totally divorce-proofed marriage)
Bruni Sarkozy is quoted as saying ” I am easily bored with monogamy”, and that “love lasts a long time, but burning desire – two to three weeks.” This is a very provocative statement and does not augur well for long term fidelity. Not that that is a big deal for a lot of people, particularly, it seems, the French. Still, we give this a [-5]
This is Bruni’s first marriage and her husband’s third marriage. Sarkozy married her less than one year after divorcing his second wife Cecelia. They married after a few short months (about 3 months) of dating. This is problematic because the question then becomes did they know each other well enough? Marry in haste, divorce could be a consequence. This, we think has a [-3] impact on the divorce-proofness of this marriage. 
The couple has no children together. But Bruni has a son from a previous relationship with the son of a man whom she was alleged to have also had a relationship (did you follow that?) and Sarkozy likewise has a couple of kids from his previous marriages. Impact of having no kids together? [-1] (But Carla is still young and could still give her husband a child.)
Bruni is 41, her Sarkozy is in his fifties. She’s Italian and recently became a French citizen in 2008. Impact of age difference? [1]
Bruni, according to the Wikipedia article about her, seems to have had  a staggering number of lovers over the years including Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, and former French Prime Minister Laurent Fabius, among others. Marriage impact? [-2]
She also has some nude portraits floating around, one having been auctioned off by Christies last year. But her husband apparently likes the pictures and is proud of them. Marriage impact? [+2]
Divorce Proofness of Bruni/Sarkozy marriage: -1.1 That means that on a scale of 1-10, the Sarkozys’ marriage does not appear to be all that divorce proof. In fact, there are many elements there that could make this a very shaky union.  But stranger things have happened than if these two pulled off a long marriage, and if they actually grow old together. At the same time, we wouldn’t be all that surprised if things don’t work out over the long run.
Michelle Obama
So, how divorce-proof is the Obama marriage? Well, her husband obviously thinks his wife is pretty awesome. At the first inaugural ball he attended last night (January 20, 2009), he proclaimed, “Isn’t my wife beautiful!) before a crowd of thousands. This was the first word out of his mouth after taking the microphone. The crowd erupted in delight. We give his doting tendencies towards his wife [9] for keeping his wife happy and divorce-proofing his marriage.
The Obamas have been married since 1992 and 2009 they will mark 17 years of marriage. This marriage has obviously been through some tests and has survived through the ebbs and flows. For that reason, we give this a score of [8] as far as divorce-proofness.
The Obamas have two children, both born during the marriage. From the looks of things, they both dote on their girls and the family appears to be a very tight unit. We give this a score of [9]
We have no information about any former lovers of Michelle Obama. Nor any interesting portraits or photographs. We give this a [2]
Age and cultural background for the Obamas is also compatible. They are both in their 40’s. Both African Americans. Both Lawyers. And both from a similar socio-economic background. We give this an [8]
Divorce-proofness of the Obama Marriage: 3.6.On a scale of 1-10, the Obamas have a very strong chance of remaining married for life.
What the hay does this all mean? I don’t know. I mean, I added up all the numbers and then I divided by 10 and got minus 1.1 and plus 3.6.  Now I am sitting here thinking to myself, now what? What do I do with this data? What does it all mean? I guess what it means is that I wish both of these couples well. I like both Bruni Sarkozy and Obama. They are both Capricorn women like me. So, you know what, I wish them well. They are different. They have different relationships and different marriages. And who knows? You just never know how life is going to turn out. So I wish them both the best of luck. At least they’ve picked well. They are infinitely better than me at picking. So, you know what? Let me get out of their business.
Bon Chance, Carla!
Good Luck, Michelle!
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