5 Divorce Don'ts

Divorce Information
Here are five things you should never do when going through a contested divorce:
1) Don’t use the kids as a pawn because they are not going to thank you in the long run. They will likely only resent you and may even refuse to have anything to do with you when they get old enough to understand your malfeasance.¬†
2) Don’t publicize issues in your marriage that are prurient in nature (when you are a public figure) because life goes on after the divorce and you are going to look like an idiot. If he gave you a dreaded disease, maybe you should leave that out of the petition, or find a way to say it that doesn’t actually spell it out.
3) Don’t take the first offer that is made. That doesn’t mean you should be unreasonable and difficult, but if you are in a high net worth situation, you should always try to negotiate a better settlement – within reason.
4) Don’t prevaricate. Remember that you are signing petitions under oath and that there are legal consequences to lying under oath.
5) Don’t automatically think you can set aside a prenuptial agreement. Affluent people tend to have prenups as a matter of routine. These agreements are usually very well executed and survive judicial scrutiny. Sometimes mistakes are made and should be challenged. But an otherwise properly prepared prenup is going to be upheld. You can always find a basis to try to set it aside, but know that in all likelihood you probably won’t be able to set it aside.