Marcus Schrenker not guilty! Michelle Schrenker may have driven her husband legally "insane" when she served him with divorce papers

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Marcus Schrenker’s public defender is claiming insanity, or at least “incapacity” to stand trial and to understand the consequences of his actions. He enumerated all the problems Mr. Schrenker was experiencing immediately preceding his attempt to fake his death by crashing an unmanned private plane into the Florida woods (he was aiming for the water.)
The topper for Mr. Schrenker, according to his lawyers, is when his wife Michelle Schrenker filed for divorce. And you know what? I can totally see how that could drive a man over the edge. He was already on the precipice with all the lawsuits and financial problems. He knew he would not be able to continue his lifestyle. Plus, he had a mistress to provide for, in addition to three kids and a wife who were used to the high life. He was getting sued by everybody and the Secretary of State. Of course he was going to do something desperate.
But a divorce? From the smoking haute Michelle? Did you see them up against that plane? Yes, he went insane. In the end, he tried to slit his wrist. I can find it in my heart to forgive him. But can Michelle? Can the State and Federal Government? (He’s facing federal charges for calling in a fake distress call and for leaving that plane to fly itself.)
It’s not as if he and Michelle are unused to the law and the legal system. According to, they had a run in with law enforcement in 2005 adn they sued for false arrest. So, I wasn’t totally wrong about comparing those two to Bonny and Clyde.
But still, I think it’s Michelle’s fault. When she served him with divorce she drove him over the precipice. He went mad and that’s why he did what he did. But better that, I guess, than what that Santa man did back on Christmas Day. What was his name again? Bruce Jeffrey Pardo. Yes. That was berserk mad. Marcus didn’t go berserk mad. He just went mad. And I forgive him.
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