When the kids want you to get a divorce (or annulment)

Did you know that your kids¬†can petition the court to annul your marriage? This would most likely happen when older kids from a previous marriage see a parent who is advancing in age, enter into an “inappropriate” marriage that is likely to compromise their inheritance, or otherwise dissipate family assets. Anna Nicole Smith comes to mind – but notice of everybody in that story just kind of died…?
But, so, it is also possible to move to annul a marriage of a parent, child or family member (if you are an interested party) after the person has already died! Isn’t that crazy? But it’s true. That is, if by allowing the marriage to stand the “interested party” loses a right or interest, they can petition to nullify the marriage and the court is statutorily bound to hear the case.
But they would need to prove grounds such as fraud, insanity, consanguinity, bigamy or some other void or voidable scenario. I think the case for that is In re estate of Haney. I don’t have the citation but I know the kids in that case brought an action against the wife after the father had already been deceased a few months. And I believe they prevailed….I should double check that…