Did you castrate your husband?

Divorce Humor:
OMG. This makes me giggle. I mean, I can just imagine being a fly on the wall and listening to some of the things married people say to each other on their way to divorce, and I can tell you this: some of it may very well have been castrating – i.e., if I even understand the real meaning of the word. What does it actually mean to castrate a man?
I know what I thinkit means. And I can see how easily a woman can be pushed to castrate her husband. I mean, you know, I don’t think a woman like Michelle Obama needs to castrate her husband. He understands what time it is. You know? He treats her well. So she is happy. You know? But there are men out there who are literally on a suicide mission. They have no clue. They mess with a woman – completely ignoring the fact that she may be hormonal, or hypersensitive or just in a bad mood. They do stoopid stuff. Disrespectful stuff like, like, check out other women in the presence of their beloved. Guys, are you nuts? You are literally begging to be castrated for god’s sakes.
So, I was over at dealbreaker.com and they literally called Michelle Schrenker a “castrating” “she dog.” I don’t want to use the word but it begins with “B.”  It was pretty hilarious actually (slightly more hilarious than what the Credit Suisse temp who’s about to get laid off said about this site.) I am going to give you the verbatim quote that had me cracking up. They basically said that Marcus Schrenker was suffering from “acute Gottagetawayfromthiscastratingbitchwiththecashitis” Isn’t that hysterical???
But in Michelle’s defense. I don’t think she would have tried to castrate Marcus if he was doing the appropriate things and making her happy in that marriage. OK?There are tons of ways a husband is supposed to make his wife happy. Not just physically, you know. And there was Michelle in all her blond, tanned glory, and this man was off in his private jet with another woman for NewYearsFreakinEve while the Feds were rifling through the house with Michelle and the kids in it? Are you joking? Of course she wasn’t a happy camper. He’s lucky she didn’t pull a Loreena Bobbit, frankly.
But is it right? Should we as women allow ourselves to go there? Should we lose it to the point that we castrate them? I mean, is it good? Is it appropriate? All indications are that it only leads to divorce.  And, I mean, I am not preaching. Boy, I am not preaching, believe me. Cause, the truth of the matter is, I have a short temper and I can be jealous in certain situations (like when my man checks out other women?!?)  and stirs me up, and messes with my equilibrium? DO. NOT. MESS. WITH. THE. EQUILIBRIUM. Cause it’s fragile, okay; and thou shalt be castrated.
But, so, what about you? Is that why you are getting a divorce? Did you castrate your poor hubby? And if so, why???
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