KENNEBUNKPORT: Caroline Kennedy's Divorce rumors

Is Caroline Kennedy getting a divorce? That rumor has been floating around for at least two years. Now that she has abruptly withdrawn from the New York Senate race, speculation is running rampart that she is having an affair with an old friend, New York Times publisher, Arthur Sulzberger.
Here’s what I am starting to think about extra marital affairs. I am starting to think they come with the marriage sort of the way a herniated disc comes with the car in a personal injury case. No, I’m very serious. Infidelity is de riguer in modern marriages.
So, now, Kennedy, who came to prominence recently when she came out in support of Barack Obama for president, is married to Edwin Schlossberg and has been married to him for nearly twenty years and maybe they are both a bit bored. And that is another thing I have come to understand. Third parties have to be very careful about getting drawn in to the caprice and intrigue of the marital web. Because a lot of times, these two people are locked in their own mind game and they know what each other is doing, and many just turn their heads the other way, and it sustains their marriage because they have this tacit understanding that, you know what, it’s been twenty years and I’m bored. But I am not leaving you and you are not leaving me and it’s nobody’s business how we run our show.
I think that if in fact Caroline is having an affair with the New York Times guy, her husband is fully aware of it and has chosen to look the other way.
In which case, what does it matter? Especially since she has withdrawn her name from consideration? I say, go Caroline! Have fun!