Did Lily Allen's affair with Jay Jopling break up his marriage to UK's Sam Taylor-Wood?

Divorce Magazine had an article about Lily Allen and her rumored role in the marriage implosion of UK’s “it” art couple Sam Taylor-Wood and Jay Jopling. Jopling is about 45 and is more than two decades older than Allen who is 23. His wife is 41.
Jopling and Allen were reportedly in St. Barts over the holidays, frolicking in the sand while Taylor Wood was back in the UK with the kids, licking her wounds and feeling humiliated. It seems they had agreed not to start dating for a while after the divorce, just to save face and avoid media speculation.
But Jopling pulled a Brad Pitt. He couldn’t wait to be with Allen and in the interim, put Taylor Wood in a bad light. It’s so bad that Elton John who is reportedly a friend of both Jopling and Taylor Wood was forced to pick sides. He is squarely team Taylor-Wood and has vowed never to buy another painting form Jopling’ s gallery (this according to Perez Hilton).
Taylor wood is said to be re-evaluating her settlement agreement. Now that her ex has come out with his paramour, she reportedly wants decidedly more money than they originally agreed upon.