Paul McCartney's ex Heather Mills brags to Page Six about her post-divorce dating conquests

According to Page Six, Healther Mills, ex of Paul McCartney, and a¬†multi-millionaire, is now living in the West Village of New York City. And it seems she can’t beat off the guys with a stick. Heather is quoted as saying, “my girlfriends who are much more attractive than me can’t get a boyfriend. They ask me all the time, how does that happen? [How come you get all the guys]?”
Everybody knows by now that Heather was involved in a landmine accident, or car accident or something that left her with only one leg. The Page Six piece refers to her as “one-legged ex-wife of Paul McCartney” and as a “man magnet.”
Ouch. The first part is a bit much. I would be very careful about referring to her like that. But I did dub her one of the “it” divorcees of 2008 because I liked the way she stuck up for herself in spite of the bad press. You can read the post here if you want:
But yea, Heather seems to be one of those women who just have a certain something that guys are attracted to. I mean, think about it. She got Paul McCartney. PAUL Mc CARTNEY!
As far as I’m concerned if she can get him she can get anybody. What’s her leg got to do with it?