SWEDEN/FRANCE/US: French and Swedish couples have a lower divorce rate than Americans. Why?

Could it be that Americans have a higher rate of divorce because Americans marry at a higher rate than folks in other countries? My opinion is that French, German and Swedish couples are more likely to live together and have domestic partnerships than get married these days – in direct contrast to American couples – and that is why they have a lower divorce rate.
In France, I have read that at least 50% of women have children out of wedlock these days and there is no stigma whatsoever attached to that.
Swedish women are said to have one of the highest standards  of living in Europe and that is because gender  roles are not so clearly delineated as they are in the U.S. So many more Swedish women are running companies, organizations, and hold high positions in government than they do in the U.S. As a result, Swedish women go into marriages, if they chose to marry, with a different mind set and with different expectations than American women. But whereas I think that “equality” has been the death of American marriages, it somehow works for the Swedes. As a result, the marriages tend to last longer than American marriages – even though they are less likely to get married in the first place.
One reason I think that is so, is that both men and women in Sweden have realistic expectations when they enter into the marriage. For example, a Swedish woman is less likely than an American woman to expect her husband to “take care of her and protect her.” She is also less inclined to expect to be cared for financially by her husband. She is less likely than an American woman to aspire to be a trophy wife. (btw read this post about when trophy wives get dumped if you are inclined: http://www.divorcesaloon.com/when-the-trophy-wife-gets-dumped)
Many American wives still hold the notion of financial security and physical protection that stems from their husbands as being a god given right of marriage. But this is not reality in most marriages. Most households need the double income in order to make ends meet. Sometimes, gasp, the wife is the main bread winner. This throws expectations and preconceived though falacious ideas on their heads. And marriages go up in smoke as a result.
So, what is the takeaway? Well, just that in my opinion the reason that French and Swedish couples have a lower divorce rate than American couples is 1) they marry at at lower rate and 2) they have different expectations about the marriage.