Dating after a divorce: Lessons from Paul McCartney

Divorce gossip:
Sir Paul McCartney, just recently divorced from Heather Mills McCartney, is said to be seriously dating Nancy Shevell, an old family friend who just finalized her divorce from a highly successful lawyer and former New York mayoral candidate, Bruce Blakeman.
Nancy Shevell is described as  a socialite and she and Sir Paul re-connected in the Hamptons where they both have houses. Last fall he was photographed with her on his private boat “Linda” (Linda, remember, is his beloved first wife who died of cancer in 1998) with the “wind blowing through his hair.”
This time around, Sir Paul was careful to get the blessings of his children before shacking up with Nancy. His kids apparently loathed wife # two, Heather Mills. I don’t know why. I hope it wasn’t because of her disability and missing limbs? That would be terrible. I’ve always felt badly for Heather. I mean, I don’t know her and maybe she was loathesome. But maybe she was just unlucky too. I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt before I join a bandwagon and hate them for no reason other than somebody else’s hang ups.
I also have some misgivings about the idea that a grown man defers his dating selections to his kids to the extent Sir Paul seems to defer to his kids. But, I guess it’s important. I mean, I did do that post on Indian marriages and I discussed how marriages are family affairs. The more the families get along, the more successful the marriage. See the post here:
So, I guess the lesson is, don’t marry on the rebound after a divorce, consult with the family and friends to make sure they like the new person you are dating before going further like getting married. And date within your class and socio-economic group. One of the things Sir Paul’s kids seem to like about Nancy is the fact that she is a millionaire. So they know she is not “with Paul for his money.”
Poor Heather. She only has one leg and no money. In the McCartney Clan, that made her Public Enemy Number One. But she’s landed on her feet it seems. The New York Post Page Six did a piece on her today. She claims she’s having to beat the men off with sticks, she gets so many offers. See post here: . Plus, we named her one of the “it” divorcees of 2008 because we thought she was brave. Read that post here:
So I guess both McCartneys are doing well post-divorce. They’ve both found true love, and hopefully lasting happiness. We wish them both well. And we hope Nancy makes it over the long haul with the McCartney Clan.