Brangelina unveils Knox and Vivienne in Japan: But wait. Ever thought what happens to these kids if Brad and Angelina split up?

Divorce and Custody information:

It’s occurred to me that none of Brad Pitt and Angelina’s kids were born in the United States. Two were born in Africa, Two were born in Asia and Two were born in France. The couple are not married so we don’t have to worry about them getting divorced. But it just occurred to me, what if they split up? As unlikely as that seems at this point, it still could happen. What would happen to the kids? Which court will have jurisdiction? I don’t think it will be an American court. The kids are supposedly naturalized Americans but they have been domiciled in France. That is their base and I think the French courts have jurisdiction over their custody if that ever became an issue.
Brad would be at a total disadvantage if they split up. For a number of reasons. But I can tell you this. He wouldn’t be able to freely remove the kids and bring them to the U.S. if the French courts adjudicate Angelina the custodial parent. He would have to get WRITTEN permission to have them in the U.S. for any length of time in such a case. If he doesn’t he would trigger Hague Convention issues. And kidnapping issues. Even if he is the father (including of the adopted children he never legally adopted to date), in the event of a split from Angelina, and depending on what the court order is, he can’t just take the children and bring them to live with him in America. Cause it is unlikely he will get custody. Angelina will get custody and Brad?  It would be kidnapping. Unless, as I said, he had Angelina’s permission in writing. He would have to return the kids unless he could prove that by doing so,  “there is a grave risk that his or her return would expose the child to physical or psychological harm or otherwise place the child in an intolerable situation”. (See Article 13b of the Hague Convention.)
If more than a year has elapsed since he took the kids, though, he may be able to keep them in the U.S. and get de facto custody. But Angelina would never let more than a year elapse. I know she is the brain child behind this whole relationship and this whole move to France. She’s is a brilliant, cunning woman who can out-think, out-maneuver Brad Pitt in a New York minute. I can totally tell. She has set things up exactly as she wants them, and long term thinking went into this. Brad was clueless but Angelina is a thinker and she thought through this, long term, and she set up this relationship exactly the way she wants.
So if Brad ever got crazy and thinks he wants out of the castle they live in in the bucolic French countryside? No problem. But he’s leaving without those kids. He is handing custody over to Angelina. Oh, he’ll be able to see them when he visits France but it would would essentially be over for him and them on a full time or regular basis. Because, once that relationship ends, once they split, Brad would move back to America. He is slightly less sophisticated than Angelina and left to his own devices, he doesn’t strike me as the type who would want to live in Europe. He’d want an nice modern home overlooking the Pacific Palisades, or something near the beach in Malibu. He is not going to stay in Europe and live in some castle with a vineyard. That is what Angelina wants.
Angelina knows that Brad is an ordinary, simple guy and she pre-emptively arranged things in such a way that if there is a split up, the kids stay with her, in Europe, where she wants to be. She will be adjudicated the custodial parent. That Angelina is a smart cookie. I gotta give her that. And she’s got a lot of style and flair too. She knows how to live. I like that about her. I mean, Jen is my girl. I identify with Jen in many ways. But the way Angelina lives? My god; if I only had a dime…
Update From Celeb Amour:
“The world’s most beautiful couple are preparing to move into the 48-acre waterfront estate named Sassafras in the Lloyd Neck harbor region of Long Island’s North Shore. Angelina Jolie , Brad Pitt and all their children will be renting the property through mid-summer while Jolie shoots her next film “‘Edwin A. Salt.'”
See what I mean?