VEGAS: Are Steve and Elaine Wynn getting a divorce?

You know what is so funny about this post? Just last month, out of the clear blue sky, I decided to do a post on the Wynns. I knew nothing about them so I Googled them and wrote up my little announcement of how great their marriage is. Next thing you know, they are getting divorced. At least, that is what I read on Robin Leach’s blog. This worries me because I’ve been doing that a lot lately. I think things and they manifest, but in a bad way. It’s like, I get premonitions¬†or something. Look at the Sully Sullenberger thing in New York. I thought that minutes before it happened. I have to stop thinking. I mean, if this was happening to bad people who did me wrong (and there are a couple!), that would be one thing. But it’s random. These premonitions are random. I am going to have to stop thinking.
But, so, anyway, here is what I wrote about the Wynns last month. I probably wrote it at the same time Elaine discovered that her billionaire husband¬†Steve was seeing a woman in her forties. (This is what I read on the blogs, that Steve’s got a forty-something paramour. Elaine, by the way, is 66.)
This will be the second split for the Wynns. Here’s my earlier post: