Ellen Barkin to star in HBO series about a cougar divorcee

Divorce News:
Don’t feel bad for Ellen Barkin just because her marriage imploded and she was dumped by billionaire hubby Ron Perelman and “tossed from their swanky Upper East Side townhouse” like an empty milk carton. First of all, she got $60 million for her distress, and she made an additional $20 million by selling all the baubles he gave her over the years.
But now, word from the New York Post is that HBO has come calling Ellen to do a sexy series about a fifty-something cougar who was formerly married to a billionaire. Ellen’s character is single after a long marriage and bitter divorce and now taking the city by storm and man-eating all the twenty-something year old men. Ellen is to be the star and the executive producer of the series. Shauna Cross is writing the script.
Ms. Barkin¬†is expected to have a lot of juicy material from her life with Perelman for the show. Says the Post “And when she bumped into Perelman at the Waverly Inn with new girlfriend Anna Chapman, Barkin threw a glass of water in his face and hissed at Chapman: ‘I feel sorry for you that you have to [bleep] him tonight.'”
Ouch. I wonder why she said that? How old is Perelman? Oh. Well. If he’s in his sixties, I guess I have a few ideas why. I hear that’s a really, really problematic age for men.