Who would get custody of the octuplets if their parents divorced?

Everybody and their mother is excited about the California octuplets. That would be eight babies I think. I believe the mother is married and she and her husband also have another set of multiple kids. So in all there are about 14 kids in that household. That’s a lot, right? But I bet their lives are awfully cute. A lot cuter than, say, Brangelina.
But, so, I am starting to wonder, cynic that I am sometimes, what happens if that marriage implodes? How will they handle custody? I mean, would one parent really want to be the primary caregiver and custodial parent of 14 children under the age of 21? Would any court grant such a petition in the first place? It can’t possibly be in the best interest of any child in a fourteen child household to be saddled with one parent. I think they would have to do a split custody for a situation like that.
And then, the question is, what amount of child support would the non-custodial parent have to pay to the custodial parent? I am assuming they are regular folks and not millionaires, never mind billionaires. Even if the husband brings in $200K per year, how does that work? And in a divorce scenario where he would have to give her a “slice” till each child turns 21, that could get pretty stressful and unmanageable pretty quick.  I mean, I’m assuming the mother is a stay at home mom. That would seem to me to be a marriage that is a poster child for mom staying home and raising the kids. Cause it’s not like they can find a nanny that they can pay enough to watch 14 kids. Unless they are fairly wealthy. In which case, they could afford a few nannies.
But my suspicion is, a fairly wealthy couple were not going to go through with an octuplet pregnancy. I don’t know why I say that, but it’s my hunch. And this is even more true if the fairly affluent wife also is a career woman. There is no way an octuplet pregnancy would have even been discussed. So I suspect that the parents of these children are regular folks who are at best middle class. And, I mean, I say that with all due respect.
So what would happen if that marriage didn’t work out. It would be one of the biggest disasters I think I’ve ever seen as a divorce practitioner – particularly where custody of those kids is concerned. I think that is one marriage that has to last. Divorce is not an option on this one. They need to have a conversation with J.Lo on how to pull that off.