Art Shamsky and Dwayne Wade's wives accuse them of…

Ex Met Shamsky and Miami Heat’s Wade have more than sports in common. Their wives have accused them of transmitting some rather “unbecoming” germs to their (the wives’) privates.
See, this is why I am getting more and more terrified of marriage. Because when you are single you can, and hopefully do, ask your guy to go with you and get “tested” for EVERYTHING. And then you do the six month window and get “re-tested” and in the interim you take prophylactic precautions, if you know what I mean. And then you agree to be exclusive and then after six months, you tell him, you know what? I am not ready to procreate and I am not on the pill so therefore, let’s keep using you-know-whats. And he has to agree because he has no statutory right to your goods and if he doesn’t agree you break off the relationship and no harm no foul. Got me?
But when you are married, dear husband has a statutory right to your goods. He literally has a rightto it and if you don’t give it to him he can accuse you of constructive abandonment – which is a basis for divorce in New York. And it’s not like you can keep going in for tests or ask him (or her) to wear you-know-whats throughout the marriage. No man is going to put up with that. That would probably destroy the marriage, actually.  So what is a woman (man) to do? I mean seriously? Cause, I mean, this could be a matter of life and death. In Shamsky’s case, his wife accuses him of cheating on her with men and women. In Wade’s case the wife has asked for a list of all his lovers – a list which reportedly includes a few film stars.
But who cares at this point? The harm is already done. This to me is a basis to remain single the rest of one’s life. Because it seems to me that when you are single you can also choose abstinence – the only way to be 100% sure you are protected. You definitely can’t abstain when you are married. So you are always going to be taking some risk cause you don’t really know what your spouse is doing and with whom 24/7/365. You know?
In that regard, marriage, to me, has become the biggest health risk in that sense; it is safer to be single than to be married in this context. Because cheating almost comes with the license. Which is fine. But if your spouse is going to be indiscriminate about it and bring home diseases, and then you are not in a position to insist on testing and him (her) wearing you-know-whats, is it worth it? Is marriage worth the risk? OMG. Is it?