Bernard Madoff Judge James Peck a wife abuser?

OMG. This is definitely weird divorce news!
So many stories about spousal abuse in the last few days I am getting slightly dizzy. But I am stunned to read in the New York Post that the Federal Judge who is hearing Bernard Madoff’s case was ARRESTED for slapping his 64 year old wife around and causing her injuries to her jaw. WHAT??? WHAT??? I mean, where am I? What is going on? You know what? I am starting to think that the world has spun off of its axis. Seriously. Something is making everybody crazy. Wasn’t it just last night I wrote ?
So, this judge, 63 year old James Peck, told police who arrived at the scene in their Park Avenue penthouse after his wife’s 911 call, that they got into an altercation because she was late getting back from the Hamptons. He says she hit him first and he slapped her back and then she slapped him back and then he slapped her. And they slapped and slapped each other till maybe his wife got whip lash and lock jaw and had to call for help. Because after all, his hands are bigger and heavier than hers so obviously he’s gonna do more collateral damage to her. But, I mean, WHAT??? WHAT???
Can you even believe this? So now, His Honor was arrested for assault and harassment and was briefly incarcerated before he was released on his own recognizance. WHAT??? This is a man of honor, for god’s sakes. He is not just a judge. He’s a federal judge for god’s sakes. He handles important cases. His Honor is not only handling this major Madoff case, he is also handling the bankruptcy of Lehman. How could this incident occur?
I guess my big question is, will he be removed from these cases? Or will it be business as usual? Will he get to keep his license? How does this work? I mean, he’s been charged with a criminal offense for assaulting his senior citizen wife, folks. What does this mean? I mean, who slaps a 64 year old around? I mean, I can’t even imagine being slapped around now never mind at 64. By then I would hope my husband would treat me with nothing but lovingkindness, tenderness and love. I mean, I’m old. I need gentleness. Not to be slapped around for god’s sakes. Can you imagine the headache you would get from getting slapped around at that age? What is this? I would divorce him. I swear to god I would divorce him.
And you know what? I shouldn’t probably say this, but while His Honor allegedly told police that he has never hit his wife before, I don’t believe it to be true. I think he was used to slapping her around and she had had it and she knew it would reflect really badly on him and she called the police for that reason. It was a desperate act of a wife who was used to getting hit by her husband. And now he is completely outed, and ashamed and he reportedly said, “we’ve been married 42 years and we need counseling.”
Boy oh boy. More and more, marriage is starting to scare me. No, I’m really serious. I mean if a Federal judge will slap you around, where can a woman find a good, non-violent man? Who can she trust with her physical space? And even her emotional space? How do you know for sure that a man is not going to physically abuse you once he gets you? You know?