How to get a name change after divorce…for the Madoff kids

I was just reading on Page Six that the Madoff wives are contemplating changing the names of all the minor Madoff grandchildren who are probably getting teased at their Upper East Side Prep school about being a “Ponzi.” Who knows if this is true or not. Back in June last year, I wrote a post about how to change your name after divorce. You can read it here:
As far as the Madoff grand children, it may be shown that it is in their best interest to change their names. That is the standard the court uses to determine if a mother (or father) can change the name of a minor child after a divorce – including to a hyphenated name.¬† In other words, while a wife can simply get her name changed back to her pre-divorce name, she can’t change the child’s name to hers if the child’s name was originally the father’s last name. She can’t even change the name to a hyphenated name that includes hers and the father’s name without court permission. The court will have to determine if it is in the child’s best interest.
But in, say, Deborah Madoff’s case, I am sure she can make out a case that it is in the child’s best interest to change their names. Unfortunately, grandpa’s mistake can forever wreck the lives of the grandkids. I bet you Mr. Bernie Madoff didn’t think that far ahead when he did what he did. See the tangled web we weave?
Oh, and apparently, the Post is of the opinion that Debbie is unlikely to get equitable distribution. That puzzles me. After all, Andrew Madoff has not yet been linked up to this crime of his father’s. So whatever assets he owns should not be frozen. So why is the post saying that Deb will “take subject to the creditors?” Did I miss the news today? I mean, I could have it’s been a very busy day for me and I frankly am just sitting down to write on my blogs at nearly midnight. So I don’t know what happened today? Is Andrew now a suspect?
If so, I say, definitely if he has kids with Deborah, they need to seriously consider changing the children’s name. This is an unfair burden to put on a child. It really is.