How to divorce a movie star: Is Gwyneth Paltrow's marriage on the rocks?

How does one divorce a movie star like Gwyneth Paltrow? I keep hearing all these rumors that Gwyneth and her husband Chris Martin are on the verge of divorce. One of the reasons for that is that they are rarely seen in public together. Just this month in British Elle,
Gwyneth once again denied the rumors, and Chris has also denied the rumors, as has Blythe Danner, Gwyneth’s actress mother. So, what’s with the persistent divorce talk? And if true, how could Chris even think about divorcing a woman like that?
Chris and Gwyneth are pretty evenly matched so it’s not as if a divorce will be all that interesting as far as distribution of marital assets. I think they pretty much bring an equal sum to the marriage. Chris has his best selling records like Viva la vida? Is that what it’s called? And he did another album years back that I really liked but I don’t know the name of the album cause I don’t really keep track of music stuff. Gwyneth has her movies and a ton of endorsement deals like Tods, Estee Lauder and other things she does in Europe that don’t run in the U.S. Plus, they own a ton of real estate. They actually have at least one real estate limited liability company and they purchase all their properties under this, sort of like a family trust. Very smart. If I had money I would do the same thing. Purchase everything in trust. First of all, it protects you from liability. But it just sounds so, sort of, snobby. But not in an obnoxious way. You know?
So, yes, they own places here and in London. I think there is a house in the Hamptons that they bought a couple of years back in either Sag Harbor or Sagaponack, near the water. Then, there is an apartment in lower  Manhattan in SoHo or that vicinity. Maybe there are two. They have a place in London. I don’t know whether it’s Mayfair or what. But I know there is a London townhouse. They also have time shares in Cabo San Lucas – which, by the way, is where they married. And, I’m sure they have a lot more. I just am not privy to the information since, I mean, why would I be? Just in terms of real estate alone, though, this marriage is rich and there would be quite a bit to divy up.
Gwyneth owns original artwork. I think she purchased a Picasso years back in her twenties when she had just won the Oscar for Shakespeare in Love. And I am sure that over the years she has gotten more things cause she is into art I hear. But that would be separate property. It would not be subject to distribution. At least not in New York. Anything that you bring to the marriage is yours; anything you acquire during the marriage is marital property that belongs to both spouses.
Ok. Wait. This post is about how to divorce a movie star. How the hell would I know how to divorce a movie star? I’ve never divorced a movie star. That is exactly why I am ad libbing and speculating about Gwyneth Paltrow’s business….So, who would get custody of the Paltrow kids? I can tell you this. Gwyneth is a lot smarter than Brad Pitt in regard to that. Check out this post about Brad and you will see what I mean when I say that.
Gwyneth may be a UCLA drop out, but she is a naturally smart cookie. She set up her life that (a) her kids are born Americans and (b) they spend half the year in the United States – specifically in New York. So if (c) she ever were to be contemplating a divorce from Chris Martin, it is not so clear that the divorce would occur in England which seems to have tougher divorce laws for the monied spouse. New York would probably be a better venue for a Paltrow divorce. And since she is domiciled in New York and seems to have kept her New York residence, she has put herself in a stronger more well thought out place than Brad Pitt who allowed Angelina to completely dominate how any break up will go down and where, i.e. FRANCE.
What else? Well, Madonna was not a movie star; she’s a pop star. But I think if Gwyneth were to ever get a divorce from Chris Martin she should follow Madonna’s lead and do it quietly and out of the press – and I think she will. Nothing can be gained from a public meltdown when you are in Gwyneth and Madonna’s league.
So, what’s the takeaway? Well, I do not believe Gwyneth Paltrow is getting or even thinking about getting a divorce from Chris Martin. I really hope she isn’t. I remember before she met Chris she seemed so lost and sad and lonely. Chris was good for her. He brought out the best in her. And they have young children. So I really hope they work on their marriage. Obviously every marriage has ups and downs and if she is going through a down phase, I hope they weather it. I like Gwyneth. I wish her well.
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