Kobe Bryant is not trying to get divorced

Kobe Bryant has learned his lesson since the criminal charges he faced years back by that woman who darned nearly got him incarcerated for a long time, and he’s also not taking any chances with his marriage. According to Page Six Kobe was at a party in NYC last night after the Knicks/Lakers game and he (a) only drank water even though he ordered champagne for his friends; and (b) gave strict instructions that no women were to be let near him.
Gotta luv it. A man who has learned his lesson. Stay away from these temptation pillars! They can wreck your marriage for one thing. But that’s not such a big deal cause for celebrities like Kobe, I hate to say it, but he can have other marriages – no problem. It’s not even such a big deal if the woman becomes pregnant and then you have to pay child support for the next 21 years to someone you hooked up with for one night. The problem is when they tempt you into “activities” that result in them making allegations against you such as, oh, rape, and then the next thing you know, you are facing life in prison!
So the “keep women away from me” demand? Very smart Kobe Bryant. Very, very smart. Cause, I mean, think about it: your wife is so beautiful. What else do you need in the grand scheme of things?