When the wife is a bully

I know. I am always blaming the guys for everything. It’s always the guy’s fault. Women are helpless, blameless, little angels…. yea right. I mean, on the one hand, I’ve done all these posts recently about domestic violence and it is a real issue, an important one that cannot be ignored. And it is true that men are most often than not the ones to perpetrate bullying behavior against their wives. But not all wives are helpless, blameless little angels.
Some women are bullies. Yes that’s right. They were bullies in kindergarten, bullies in high school, bullies in the work place and bullies in their marriages. And these types of women almost invariably always marry “nice guys” who they bully and tear down on a regular basis. 
At the end of the day, a bully is a bully is a bully. It is a gender neutral, equal opportunity menace. It doesn’t matter what your race, gender, socio-economic background or anything. Bullies comes in all shapes and genders.
So, when the wife is the bully, what is she like? Ew. I don’t know. Thank god I never have to deal with that. Because I have dealt with bullies in Kindergarten and high school and the work place and all that, and I have to tell you, if I were a man I would slit my wrists rather than stay married to one of those people. I mean, honestly. It’s just like, there is no peace with people like this. They are allergic to peace and to harmony and to love and forgiveness. They do not know what happiness is. There is huge empty hole where their heart is supposed to be.
Even after the marriage ends, the bullying wife is a menace to her ex because she finds ways to destroy him and exact revenge (even when she is the one who wronged him)  even though he is no longer in her life. She is more likely than any other wife, for example, to use the kids as a weapon against her husband. She will try other tricks too. Like, oh, I don’t know, cyberstalking him for example? (I would advise contacting the FBI depending on how serious her transgressions become. There are laws against some of this stuff that bullies try and there are ways to track down the perps and bring them to justice). Same for social networking crimes that are committed on YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK and these types of venues. Contact the FBI right away and they will direct you on what actions you need to take to catch her red handed.
The wife who is a bully may even ruin her ex’s attempts to move on, by being really mean to his new wife or girlfriend; and god forbid he should have other children who are forced to interact with the children he has with her? NIGHTMARES. The whole family will be in constant turmoil thanks to this shrew.
One of the most atrocious things, by far, that I think a bully does is she accuses her husband of abuse when it is totally not the truth. Sometimes, she even accuses him of abusing the kids! Even sexual abuse! It’s crazy. There is no limit to what a person like this will do. In a real way, I think a wife who is a bully has serious issues and needs serious help. This person is a danger to themselves and to others.
I am a huge supporter of women and wives. But I don’t like bullies. And I certainly have no respect for a wife who is a bully. I don’t support that behavior at all. It’s not right. It’s ugly and it’s just…there’s no reason for it. But then again, as I said, these types of people start early. You can trace that behavior all the way back to the Kindergarten play ground and it is who they are at the core. They can’t help themselves. And maybe, because they’ve gotten away with it for so long, they don’t know of any other way to be. Which is sad.
Ew. Bullies suck. They really do.