Art Shamsky wants a gag order and order of protection

The Art Shamsky divorce is getting heated up. His lawyer is threatening to get a gag  order from the court to stop his wife from spreading embarassing details about the marriage to the press. We did one other post on the Shamsky matter.
It seems he is being accused of, how can I put this? He’s being accused of what I can only call “damaging adultery.” I say damaging because his wife apparently and allegedly said that he cheated on her with both men and women and gave her a ailment in her privates. Which, if true, was admittedly very inappropriate on the part of Mr. Shamsky. But if not true, is defamatory on the part of Mrs. Shamsky. Apparently the wife was photographed hurling insults at him in the streets of Manhattan.
Oh Lord. I don’t think I’m grown up enough to handle marriage.