Marc Dreier's ex wife Elisa Nancy Peters Dreier could save his butt; but will she?

Where is attorney Elisa Dreier now that her husband Marc Dreier has fallen into hot water with law enforcement and is under house arrest? Will she come forward and stand by the father of her children? Or will she stay away and hope he rots in hell? As recently as last April, 2008, Marc Dreier and his ex-wife Elisa Peters Dreier were back in court on a post-judgment motion which relates back to their 2002 divorce filing in which Elisa was the plaintiff.
In fact, in the six or seven years since they originally filed for divorce, they have been back to court quite a bit; it seems Elisa was seeking to compel her husband to disclose his assets and comply with court orders – which he was apparently failing to do. The couple have two children under the age of 21, a son named Spencer and a daughter named Jackie. It is not clear if any of these motions over the course of the seven year divorce litigation pertained to custody or child support. But now what? Will she forgive all that? Water under the bridge? And come out and support him? Certainly his son Spencer and his mother are there for him. They have posted $10 million dollars bond for his release from prison where he has been rotting since December 7 when he was arrested in New York following an arrest in Canada for impersonation, wire fraud, securities fraud, and a whole bunch of cute and pretty shenanigans. Oh Lord. Why, Mr. Dreier? You had so much going for you. Why did you have to do this?
Marc Dreier used to be a very respected attorney here in New York. He comes from good pedigree too – a son of Polish Jews, his father owned a bunch of movie theatres and he led a privileged life as a result, attending Yale for his undergrad and Harvard Law School. Clearly, he was not a nobody like the rest of us. He was a somebody, with a lot. It is incomprehensible that he would do something like this and destroy himself in this manner. I saw a picture of him, and he has the expression of a deranged man, with wild eyes, wild hair, eyebrows all askew, the beard. It was sad. I feel bad for him. If I were Elisa, I don’t know what I would do. I mean, I don’t know what kind of husband he was. He seems to have been a good father, but he may have been a sob of a husband. Who knows? In which case Elisa is either extremely saddened, or she is saying “karma is a _itch!”
But, still. It is a stunning fall from grace where Marc Dreier finds himself today, under house arrest in his lavish Manhattan triplex, with all his luxury toys that include a 2007 Aston Martin, a yacht he called Seascape and a luxury ocean front residence in the Hamptons, are all under federal seizure. I would not wish that on my worse enemy, unless they cyber-stalked me or something. I have great compassion for people who allow themselves to mess up like this. I mean, we are all human, you know? And it is easy to point fingers at other people and say, “oh, I could never do that.” But I’m getting old now. And I see that sometimes even good people can do bad things. I’m not making any judgments that Marc Dreier is a good or a bad person. I don’t know that man. But compassion is needed. At least until we hear his side of the story.
So where are we with this mess and what’s Elisa looking at here? What does the poor girl have to do with this? I mean, is Marc dating anybody? I know he never remarried after Elisa, but who’s his girlfriend? Where is she at? She’s leaving this for Elisa to handle, huh? Now that the party is over? Ok. Well, what is Elisa facing here? Specifically, Elisa Dreier’s ex husband is accused of, quote,  swindling $380M USD from various hedge funds by selling worthless financial instruments. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission has also filed a separate civil suit against him for stealing funds from an escrow account belonging to one of the firm’s bankruptcy clients, end quote. (Source, Wikipedia).
That’s a lot to handle for a wife never mind an ex-wife. But you know? This man really needs support right now and I think she should just hold his hand and tell him he’ll get through this and that everything is gonna be alright in the end. I mean, what else can she do? Oh, btw, we are aware of all the comparisons Dreier is getting to Madoff. If you have time and you are new to the Saloon, check out our Madoff posts. We have a ton of them here.