Nadya Suleman and the ultimate California child support and custody battle

Now that I know that Nadya Suleman is single, living at home with her parents (who filed bankruptcy in 2008), and a college graduate with a degree in Child and Adolescent Development, now I am even more concerned.  I mean, this lady has a total of 14 kids and she is single, and not independently wealthy, or even with a husband that makes $250K per year And the doctors knew this and still proceeded to implant multiple embryos in this woman? This is medicine that approaches unethical.
This is crazy. I mean, assisted reproduction cases are always interesting. Last year I did a post called, who will get custody of the fertilized egg which you can read here: . So this is definitely a topic that I’ve touched on before and one that I find interesting.
But I am really concerned for Nadya Suleman and her babies because I think she is buying herself a whole lot of trouble in the years to come. The state of California is going to be keeping an eye on this woman and the slightest slip up, she could very well lose custody of her kids. I am sure that many people are already questioning her judgment for going for more kids even though she already had six at home, and then getting artificially inseminated, and then having octuplets. Is this good judgment? Is it rational? I don’t know.
Notwithstanding what I said here:, who will support all of these children? Nadya is not wealthy, after all. There are rumors on the Internet that she’s got a book and TV deal. That would be helpful if true. She is going to need the money. But any TV deal and I’m sure the kids will need a guardian ad litem or something. A conservator or something. Their interests will have to be protected so that at least some of the money from this TV deal is put in trust for them in the future…
This is crazy.
But, I guess, I mean, even if the state decides that Nadya is unfit for any reason (I mean in the future) her parents are there to help her. They will get custody before the kids are put in foster care or anything. Not that it will come to that. I mean, I am sure Nadya has not had any issues with the six other kids she has. She seems she’s been a good mother. But fourteen kids is fourteen kids, you know what I’m saying? What happens if she’ s having a bad day or something and, like all the kids are crying at the same time and she snaps and does something perfectly by reflex, like, oh, I don’t know, shake a kid to make it stop crying, hit a kid, throw a kid…I don’t know! What if she gets post partum depression at the level that Brooke Shields got it, and then, you’ve got eight babies crying and the other six pestering you?
I mean, my understanding is that wailing babies are no joke at 3:00 in the morning. Their 3:00 in the morning call is serious business. They need what they need when they need it. And we’re talking about 8 wailing babies here. So, if Nadya does not have substantial help, she will be overwhelmed pretty quick.
I don’t know. I’m confused.  This is not making a whole lot of sense to me. How does a single mother procreate herself to fourteen kids? Is this where I’ve become judgmental? Yes. Maybe. I’ve become judgmental.
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