20 Angriest celeb women: Were you a scorned wife who is angry at your ex?

No matter how a relationship ends, the woman is invariably the one who is called “scorned.” Men are never “scorned.” Men are never even technically “dumped.” Even if the woman is the dumper rather than the dumpee, somehow, by some weird twist of nature, she is inevitably going to get the moniker “scorned woman.” Why is that? It is the whole thing I talked about in this post http://www.divorcesaloon.com/when-a-woman-loses-a-husband-through-divorce and it really is too bad, but the game is stacked against women from the outset. A breakup is not a situation a woman can win, even if she is the one who calls off the marriage or relationship.
Take a recent photo gallery on Page Six.com. It had the “Twenty angriest scorned celeb women.” All of the women with few if any exceptions, were divorcees. The list included Princess Diana, Heather Mills, Sharon Stone, Kim Bassinger, Madonna, Ellen Barkin and Denise Richards, among others.
I find the list slightly offensive because it included any woman who got divorced and voiced her opinion on an issue in the failed marriage. That is not “angry” senator. I’ve seen angry and I would not call Princess Diana, as one example, “angry.” She was definitely hurt. She definitely felt betrayed. But angry is not a fair assessment of her emotional state at the time. Besides the woman is dead. Have some respect.
Kim Bassinger was not a “scorned” woman as far as I can tell. It seems she scorned her ex, Alec Baldwin not the other way around. But that gets lost in the details. She is the woman, so it is her loss, no matter that she is the one who wants nothing to do with the man. That is so sexist I can’t stand it.
Denise Richards was angry and in the end, it looked like Charlie scorned her because he took up with Brooke but I bet Charlie did that to make Denise jealous and make it look like he didn’t want Denise. But he and Denise and Brooke know better. But I bet you Denise is the one who wanted out of that situation, and yes, she was angry at him, but not because he scorned her. The problem is the classic play a lot of guys make. They like a girl, she rejects them, they turn it around and make it look like they rejected her so their friends would be impressed. And it works all the time, like a charm. It’s this weird male sport.
Look, Ellen Barkin was probably feeling slightly scorned if, in fact, she poured water into her ex-husband Ron Perelman’s billionaire face and cattily told his new girlfriend that he’s a bit of a dud in bed. That is definitely jealousy, anger, territorialness and competitiveness. Denise Richards was slightly scorned probably at the moment Charlie met Brooke and introduced her to the country as his new girlfriend, making it look like Denise was manless and “scorned.”
But are these women “angry” because the relationship ended? I don’t think so. That implies that they want the man back and can’t have him back; and ounce for ounce, I don’t see even one of these women who would take the particular man back even if he came to her covered in melted fudge in all his critical and erogenous zones. They are over him and the relationship and have moved on. I think that piece by the Post is slightly insulting to what I see as a group of independent, forward thinking power broking women who have moved on with their lives with no time to be “scorned” or be “angry” at that particular man they ended the relationship with.
I mean, shoot, did they see the 22 year old Adonis hunk named Jesus that Madonna has parading around the place like a new little puppy dog? She’s a woman angry and scorned? By who? Guy? I mean, Guy who? Please. I mean, come on, now. Come on now.