Facebook divorce in UK: Neil Brady v. Emma Brady World's first electronic Divorce?

Source: Manchester Evening News
Source: Manchester Evening News

Poor Emma Brady, an English lass came to find out from her friend in Denmark that her husband Neil Brady had posted a message for her on his Facebook page saying, “Neil Brady has ended his marriage to Emma Brady.” The poor child was inconsolable especially because some cruel people, including a woman in Canada, had made mean comments about how good it was that Neil had been so callous as to inform Emma via social networking that the marriage was over.
The marriage began well enough for the Accrington Lancashire couple. Emma was radiant on her wedding day as she held a luminous bouquet of English Yellow Bells. emma-brady-3
but soon, domestic violence became an issue according to court papers. Still, the union lasted six years. Can you imagine getting beat by your husband for six years? (The couple was actually together about 12 years but married for six so who knows how long he’s been hitting her?) She seems such a fragile girl. How could he do that? emma-brady-1
I hate this hitting business with guys. I really do. This is an immediate deal breaker for me. You hit me, you’re gone darling. OVER. CAPUT. FINISHED. FOREVERMORE.
But. Still. Emma told the London Daily Mail that the divorce announcement came as a shock to her. She said she was “humiliated” by the public forum Neil used to inform her that he wanted out of the marriage. I can see how that could be humiliating.
Neil says she knew what he was going to do. His defense is that she was cheating on him. That was the reason he hit her and threw her out into the garden wearing only her dressing gown in the winter time chill. He said, “I’d had enough of her.”  Look, I don’t condone this. But I have always said that men can dish out adultery, but they can’t take it. Remember this post: http://www.divorcesaloon.com/la-wife-deux-lovers-le-divorce? They don’t handle a cheating spouse all that fantastically. Oh no. Emma is lucky all he did was toss her into the garden!
Source: Mail Online
Source: Mail Online

But there were some good days for Neil and Emma. They procreated and have a son, I believe. And the couple even owned a consulting business together as Neil is an IT consultant and Emma is a conference organizer. It is not clear what happened to the business they co-owned, but certainly, if there was equity, they would likely share equally in the spoils.
Still, as I said, poor Emma. That is not an appropriate way to end a marriage in my view. That is just rude and inconsiderate and mean. I hate mean people! I didn’t even realize that electronic divorces were allowed in England. Last week I did a post for Divorce Saloon called Wikipedia on Divorce and I did read on Wikipedia that in European countries like Portugal, that an electronic divorce was legal – as far as notice goes. Read the post here  http://www.divorcesaloon.com/wikipedia-on-divorce I just didn’t realize that the same was true in England.
For sure we are not having that nonsense in New York. In New York you MUST serve your spouse personally and obtain an affidavit of service. If you can’t find your spouse, the court may allow you to serve by publication after you have shown due diligence in finding your spouse by other means. And I think that is right. I think that is proper. I think that is dignified.