Is there discrimination against Nadya Suleman just because she's a single mother?

Well, I’ve done a few Nadya Suleman posts and I’ve been thinking about her case and I’ve been struggling to come to a clear position on it, about this notion of a single mother having 14 children and whether that is okay. So, as I was sitting through Jen Anniston’s new movie, “He’s just not that into you,” (which by the way was a very cute, girly movie) I found myself thinking intermittently about the Suleman situation.
It is a woman’s right to choose to have children or not to have children. That is rule number one and that rule is practically inviolable. Nadya Suleman has a right to have as many children as she chooses…doesn’t she? If she were married would anybody think this is anything other than “cute”? No, they would be sending her cash in the mail and Huggies by Fed Ex. Nobody would think she’s crazy if she had a husband. But she’s single, so therefore, doing this was insane. And if you think about it, how much better is it that there are two people to handle fourteen kids? It still would be off the charts. Fourteen kids is fourteen kids.
But, so, I was listening to a portion of the interview she did with Ann what’s her face on NBC, and she made the point that if she were married, people would not be reacting the way they were. But she is single, so there is “discrimination.” And, I thought, “hme…maybe. Maybe a part of my reaction is because she is single. Maybe I have discriminated against her because of that. How dare me do that?”
I guess my issue is, in part, that,  I mean, what if she decided she wanted yet another insemination? She is only 33 years old. Presumably she still has a few procreative years left. It is her body; her life. If she wanted another implantation, and got one that resulted in multiples, I mean, so what? Is it my business? Is it the business of the state? Or of anyone’s but her own?
I don’t know. On the one hand, I think after a certain point, it is no longer just the business of the individual. Because innocent children are being brought into this. And even if she were married, fourteen kids are almost too much. It is really a numbers issue. Each child deserves quality time, and quality care. If you have just two parents handling fourteen children, I think at least a couple of those kids are going to fall through the cracks. But when that is compounded by the fact that there is just one parent? I don’t know. I don’t know if it as simple as saying that this is discrimination. I think the state would have a “rational basis” after a certain point to say, hey, wait a minute. This is not in the best interest of these children.
It would be a huge constitutional brouhaha, no doubt. But I think that Nadya Suleman should not be allowed to have any more multiple implantations. Wow. There. I said it. And I know that what I am saying would probably not pass constitutional muster. It is a privacy issue. She has the right to choose. But the doctors? Do they have the right, under state license, to continue to implant her? She says she loves kids. How much does she love kids? What if she loves them even more than anyone of us could contemplate and decide she wants more? I think it would be an issue for the courts at that point, don’t you?
Does Nadya Suleman have the right to have more babies? Should she have the right? Is it really her choice? Let’s say it is another set, of, say, five kids? So now she has 19 children. Is this a situation that makes sense from the point of view of the children? Honestly? My gut says no. My gut says that there is something seriously wrong with this scenario.
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