Kim Shamsky accuses hubby Art Shamsky of…bestiality?

This is totally not funny. This is a very serious allegation that I was reading up on Page Six about what Kim Shamsky is now saying about ex husband Art Shamsky. Something to do with her pet poodle and a greeting card. We have done a few Shamsky posts here:
But, what is this? What is going on? Is this true? Is it relevant? Or is Kim Shamsky being a bully?
I don’t know. When I read the Page Six article, I was also surprised to learn that they are already divorced and have been since 2006. This is post-judgment action. Boy. I don’t know. True or false, what is wrong with these people? Huh? I’m just like, shaking my head over here. I just don’t know.
(Photo from New York Post)