Angelina Jolie vs Nadya Suleman: Who makes a better custodial parent?

Some people think that both Angelina Jolie and Nadya Suleman are crazy for having so many children. I have personally said that the Suleman situation is “crazy” but only to the extent that the doctors implanted her, a single, divorced, unemployed mother, with all those embryos. I have never, nor would I ever, call either Nadya or Angelina “crazy” except, maybe, in jest.
But there are all these comparisons of the two women, so I thought it apropos to address the issue very briefly. First of all, is the fact that both of these women have large families ipso facto proof that they are “crazy”? I don’t think so. I mean, I think context matters. But coming from a large family myself, I could never say that it is crazy to have a large family – especially where there are two parents and the means to provide for the children. Actually, if I had the means, I would want a whole house full of children. No, really. I think life is more interesting with a lot of kids running around and creating havoc – but only if you have the means to properly provide for them. That is my personal position. Other people have their positions and I respect that.
Now. Nadya Suleman. Is she “crazy” for having fourteen children? Will she make a good custodial parent? Look, I think with that many children, you need the means to provide for them. You need assistance. You need the money to pay nannies. Logistically speaking. Love is not enough to handle this situation. Love will not pick up a crying baby at 3: 00 a.m. Love will not change a diaper. Love will not put food on the table. So, while I don’t think money or means is the only test, it is a major test in determining how the parenting of large families and the custodial arrangement for such families should go down.
Fourteen kids are too many for one person to handle properly. That person will need the finances to get assistance. And, of course, I understand that Pampers are very expensive. Especially with the recession. Years ago I had a friend who had a son and her husband up and left her. We used to talk because I was all into the idea of how cute it would be to have a baby. She would give me these Pampers lectures. Her eyes would get gobbly and watery as she asked, “do you have any idea how much a pack of Pampers cost?” Of course I didn’t. I still don’t have a clue. But that was years ago and there was no recession. So I imagine it must be pretty pricey. For one child. But we are talking about eight kids that Nadya has. How many bags of Pampers will they need per day? And how much is the Pampers bill per day? (I don’t even want to discuss formula and all that, because obviously, she can’t possibly breast feed all these babies). 
Now, if Nadya is out of work, how does she realistically pull this off? What if the babies get sick? What is the cost of the medical insurance on that?
I mean, it’s not all about money. She loves her children. Of the other six, I understand there are two year old twins. So these kids also have needs and need attention – a lot of it. Can this one woman handle the custody of all of these children without the means to get help? Will Nadya Suleman make a good custodial parent?
I mean, I’ve read on some blogs that there is discrimination against her because she is Middle Eastern and Latino or something like that. I don’t think it’s about that. I mean, admittedly, maybe if she was from Middle America and had hair the color of corn fields and eyes the color of the sky, maybe a few people might think this was a bit cuter, I don’t know. Correspondingly, if she were a  single mother in Harlem who did this because she “loved kids,” I think it is fair to say that the public outcry would be a little bit louder than it was for Suleman. They would have ACS on that woman like Bill Gates’ mosquitos. It wouldn’t even be funny. I mean, context matters as I said. But I think overall, the concerns are legitimate, and that it really is not about race or class, but about what is in the best interest of these children.
Angelina. People have been comparing Angelina and Nadya but I don’t know if the comparision is fair. And why? Simply because Angelina has the means to provide for her children. True, Angelina is also single. But not really. She has a very seemingly devoted partner in Brad Pitt. These people are multi-millionaires who can hire the assistance of nannies and child specialists and doctors and pediatricians and god knows who else to assist them. So, let’s say Angelina decided she wanted more kids and got fertility drugs or something. And let’s say she had a multiple pregnancy – Eight kids. So with the six she has now, she’s now a mother of 14 kids like Nadya Suleman.
Well, first of all, at six kids, Angelina is far from similar to Nadya Suleman. But if she had a situation like Nadya and had an octuplet pregnancy, she would right away be in the same boat as Suleman as far as the number of kids. But as far as her ability to be a custodial parent, she would have a lot more than her love for her children to assist her. She would have the financial means that Suleman does not have. And that makes a big difference. That would be the deciding factor for me.
Although, now that I mention it, this is interesting. Because Angelina, at six kids, is exactly where Nadya Suleman was prior to getting inseminated. And already, it seems like a lot of kids to care for, even with her money. So, if she did go out and do an octuplet pregnancy? I would understand if people called her crazy. I wouldn’t say it. But I would totally understand it. Because it would definitely have the appearance of some kind of possible mental imbalance on her part for having all of these children, even with all her money.
In which case  it would make me worry slightly about the welfare of the kids – even with all her money.
But, so, what is the takeaway? Who makes the better custodial parent right now? Angelina or Nadya? I have to say I would go with Angelina right now. I mean, she could totally be mommy dearest behind the scenes (although I don’t think so) but she is just better positioned to take proper care of those children she has – and she has less of them and more assistance than Suleman does. Plus, there’s the money. Angelina has the money. At the end of the day, money does talk and everything else is just hot air.