How to pull off a facebook divorce

How do you pull off a face book divorce? Well first you have to live in a country or jurisdiction that recognizes this type of service as proper service in a divorce action. That rules out New York because in New York, the Domestic Relations Laws and the Civil Practice Rules and Laws sections 308, 315 require “personal service” upon your spouse. Or, as I’ve recently become aware you  can also serve your spouse in New York by serving a person of suitable age at the person’s business, home or usual place of abode and mailing the summons by first class mail.
The court may permit you to serve by nail and mail and/or by publication.
The question, though, is, with social networking sites like face book and YOUTUBE, whether the laws in New York will come into the technological age and allow service by FACEBOOK or some other such method to serve as service by “publication.”
In which case it would be pretty easy to pull off an electronic divorce. All you would have to do is upload the summons and complaint or the summons with notice to your social networking media of choice, whether Facebook, Twitter (well, I don’t think Twitter would work) Bebo, YOUTUBE, linked, Flickr, whatever. I don’t know. Whatever. You probably know better than I about what networking sites are out there. You would just simply upload the message, make sure it is clear and unequivocal, and you would be good to go.
What would be your affidavit of service? The Google cache, of course. You would print that out and take it to the FBI….no, I meant to the court.  You would take it to the court as proof that you served your spouse. And with or without a response from the other party, you would get your divorce and there will be no basis for a collateral attack by your spouse.
Actually, you know what? It is not a question of if the New York Courts will allow this. It is more a question of when. Just you wait and see. This is the wave of the future. Divorce by FACEBOOK. Just you wait and see.
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