46 year old murder victim Debra Silver was going to be a mom by in vitro

When 46 year old Debra Silver was gunned down in her tony Upper West Side Manhattan apartment by her 55 year old married lover Michael Ruiz, it turns out that she was pregnant with her first child, apparently by in vitro fertilization. Of course, in vitro fertilization has been a hot topic of lates on account of the Nadya Suleman octuplet story out in California. (Read our Nadya Suleman posts here: http://www.divorcesaloon.com/index.php?s=suleman)
No word on who the father was, but so sad that Debra, an observant Jew who was simply sharing a shabbat dinner with her former lover when her current lover “burst in” and misconstrued the whole scene and went ballistic, was finally going to realize her dream of having a child when this whole tragedy occurred.
The man with whom Debra was sharing a shabat dinner is a New York photographer named Daniel Tedlie who was heading back home to Colorado in a week after living over 30 years in New York, to “take care of his 80 year old mother” according to reports.
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